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Foster Father

He married her promising a bed of roses,She did got that but for one night, She left her old man who fostered her to the age she could manage her life. Little more thoughtful he was to give her to another man, with a hope of safe and a carefree life. The journey of belonging from one man to another was painful.The one who was giving her away was her foster father, who pampered her, fulfilled all her desires, he spoiled her, loved her unconditional and protected her like a shield. She was his responsibility, he managed well. But he is growing older and she is growing old, he knows she has been so dependent on him and he wont be able to play the role long. The Old man talks to the young man and takes the promise of treasuring his jewel with more love and affection.  The young man brings her home, her life has to change now, cause he knows it well. What he has got home is a trophy, he wants to show all. The girl who changes into a woman now, no more knows what it is like to be treated when sh…

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